Collection organised for Jamie Oliver and ‘is Essex mate…

Jamie and his mate run a restaurant at the end of a pier in Essex…they drive around in an Essex Rolls Royce,a Ford Capri… you may have already guessed…they are a pair of Jewish Essex oiks made good….Dodgy does not really cover it…..

They have all the patter….off pat…the Jewish spiv in action….just check your pockets if you inadvertently bump into them

Current guest at the cafe is Sienna Miller who would be very appealing to your average neo-nazi…very attractive with blonde hair….trouble is she is a Jewess…unlike Goebbels who would only fool an amature crypto Jew spotter..Sienna is a VERY difficult ID.

The thoughtful pommy public have decided start a collection to pay for Oliver to move to Israel and stay there BEFORE he food poisons his customers like another famous Jewish cook in London did a few years back.

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