NZ media gets a thrashing….

Anyone with half a brain realises the absolutely appalling state of the fourth estate in NZ.

Naturally the media won’t be reflecting that opinion…BUT if you read the Guardian letters to the editor bit when an article comes up about the NZ media there is a tsunami of bile directed at the cunts who run the media….

Often they mention the HALFWIT Mike Hosking when describing just how bad things are….with good reason…NONE of his brain cells are fully functioning…Other letters mention the wife beater Tony Vietch who is making a come back after beating up ‘is missus…some expressed outrage that he was acting the victim…no surprises there it is a common Jewish trait.

Others mention the widespread corruption which is NEVER reported like the Jewish Oligarchs son who knocked out a woman cop cold…well that was reported briefly….then the media stepped in and found a case where an average kiwi got off lightly…”just like Delegat”….”therefore not only rich NZers get away with serious crime”…well that is what naive kiwis were SUPPOSED to think.

One letter said NZ does not even have newspapers…anymore….”and the television is truly appalling”.

So if you want to get an accurate description of NZ’s media…you have to go outside the country.

Only in NZ would the master criminals Fay and Richwhite have got away with their audacious theft of HUNDREDS OF MIILIONS OF DOLLARS….of NZers money…

Key…the Jewish PM is getting a free ride from the media….they are his PR AGENT.

Tune in (if you dare) to TV1 AM and view the biggest line up of lightweight grinning twats that front it….they are like fucking kids…and they are forever mentioning celebrities…The “news” they present is not news…it’s garbage..

How can change ever be implemented when the Jews who control the NZ govt also control the media….

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