Occidental Observer

This website was mentioned in connection to the murder of the British MP.

It appears to be a nationalist type of website…rather than a neo nazi website as mentioned by the Jewish edited Daily Mail.

Currently the website is sort of promoting Trump as an answer to the immigration problem in the U.S….that is Trump is opposed to Jewish power.

Any cursory examination of Trump and his associates AND his family categorically demonstrates that Trump is YET ANOTHER crypto Jew role playing..in order to deceive the American public.He is like Cameron the former Jewish PM of Britain telling the public he was going to crack down on immigration.Immigration INCREASED after he took office.

So…WHY is this website trying to dupe its readers by promoting Trump.Trump is a Jewish fake.

This raises the possibility that this website is a false front…either run by the Jews directly or via something like the CIA..

Time will tell…give it two years and Trump will have proven himself as a fake…if the Occidental Observer continues to maintain the Trump is real…then you’ll know the O.O. is ALSO fake.

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