Susan Packard…owner of HGTV cable TV..USA

Packard is a Jewess who owns HGTV cable TV.The other owner of the an individual by the name of Lowe…he is also most likely a crypto Jew…although he does not look it.

They are but a small part of the Jewish elite which TOTALLY DOMINATES THE U.S. MEDIA.

These two are the type of Jews who would prefer to keep their ethnicity under wraps…

One of the programs they make is “Barnwood Builders”. The owner of the building company…May be a crypto Jew..but all the rest of the employees are Europeans…that is REAL Americans,descendants of the people who built America.These real Americans bear no relationship to the trash which show up on most American tv shows.

Contrast these Americans with Trash like the Kardashians….

Finally Americans are waking up to the fact they have been and are being RIPPED OFF by the Jewish elite which runs their country….The Jewish trash that has stolen BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from American taxpayers…in gigantic financial frauds…and the theft of more BILLIONS to fund house building programs FOR JEWS IN ISRAEL.

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