NZ pop legend expires.

Ray Columbus is a well known figure in entertainment.

In fact…although his funeral will be held in a church Columbus was actually a Jew.Most likely he has a Catholic background.Most crypto Jews in NZ have a Catholic background…like the famous,or infamous financial swindler Michael Fay….he went to a Catholic college…All his acquaintances in the music industry are crypto the former drug dealer Lawrence Morris.

Howard Morrison another famous singer in NZ was half Jewish…he did drop into a synagogue on occasions.

Columbus toured extensively with the Rolling Stones in their early years…they are ALL JEWS except Ronnie Wood who has a gypsy background.

In 15th Century Spain…the majority of people directed their dislike of Jews toward crypto Jews NOT religious Jews who did not conceal their identity…a little known fact..

Nicole Kidman the Australian actress is also a Marrano Jew…like the fake antisemite  Mel Gibson.

From the stuff above…it makes a whole lot More sense that I have been targeted by “Catholics” as well as Zionist Jews.

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