Prince Harry (crypto Jew) appears to have a penchant for Octoroon Sheilas.

The copperheaded Kike is currently in Barbados helping the British ZOG to dupe West Indians…

Memories appear to be short in Barbados since the British crown was directly involved in the slave trade which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands,if not millions of Black people in the Caribbean…

Keep in mind there are “black Jews” in high positions in the West Indies…like Simpson-Miller,the Prime Minister of Jamaica….

Sports stars and pop stars (like Rhianna) are run by the Jews and help mislead Blacks that they have equal opportunity…It’s OK for these stars to talk about “white racism” but NO MENTION of the Jews heavy involvement in the slave trade is allowed.(apparently there is a synagogue in Barbados..members of which Will be descended from Jewish slave dealers who were common in the Caribbean)…there was good money in it…millions.

So all these PR trips by this red headed fuckwit billionaire are very cynical in nature.

FARRIKIND…the black American Muslim has got these cunts sorted…which explains why he is persona non grata…..he does not buy any of this Jewish bullshit…but the Jews who control the U.S. know better than to start persecuting him..because he has too many followers…who would go to war to prevent him being put in jail on trumped up charges…

To protect yourself while exercising your right to free speech in the U.S…you have to have back up….otherwise ZOG of America will be after putting you in jail and bankrupting you.

Just look at the massacre of American citizens carried out by the U.S. Govt at WACO…..

It looks like Harry is going to be employed to multiculturalise the British monarchy….watch…this space.

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