Question:why hasn’t someone assassinated Geldof??

The scumbag has been on the streets again campaigning about Brexit.

He is another scumbag who only likes democracy if it goes his way.

His fellow Jew,Blair is on the same ticket…as well as another Jew Richard Branson.

But it’s a rigged game….Geldof a Jew is campaigning against another Jew,Goldsmith …as usual the Jews are running both sides…

The stupidity of people…really makes you wonder….Geldof steals millions of pounds from charity and yet people still give him the time of day.His former wife said he was evil…and dies.His neglected daughter dies of a drugs overdose…and yet the scumbag is still in the news…

He gets paid 100,000 dollars for a short speech in Australia and is still preaching about evil capitalists…

Obviously he is a prime candidate for assassination…because one thing is for sure…there is just no way the crypto Jewish elite who control Britain is ever going to hold the cunt to account…he is too valuable to them.Geldof is just a richer version of ANOTHER false opposition Jew…Russel Brand.

Then of course….there is ANOTHER multimillionaire Jew Bono…running the same scam….His tax evasion schemes are legendary….You would think…if you believe the media…that any neo nazi worth his salt would have nailed Bono years ago…somehow ze nazis are only concerned about focussing attention on socialists…right at the bottom of the pecking order…as if that would make the slightest bit of difference.

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