Andrew Lloyd Webber…makes racist comments

If the Daily Mail is to be believed Weber called British theatre “hideously white”….he wants more diversity.

Actually British theatre is “hideously off white….”….meaning Jewish.

And guess what..Andy is himself Jewish…works a treat don’t it…this disguising of ethnicity by Jews.

Most people reading about this will assume Weber is criticising his own race…that is “white”…Sorry,Andy is ANOTHER race altogether…Semitic….so in actual fact Weber is making racist comments about another race….This racism is ok as long as Europeans are the ones being accused of racism.

Weber is renown for his plagiarism of other composers work.From memory the warbling Sarah Brightman is his wife…yep she is as Jewish as Barbara Streisand…fortunately without the cross eyes and massive conk.

There maybe some doubt about Weber using the term “hideously”….the Daily Mail is famous for spicing up stories like this…in order to get rouge necked readers clicking on the article.


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