Appropriate dress for MPs in NZ parliament.

Because of the corruption in parliament a lot of MPs are getting ideas above their station in life…it is completely understandable of course because of the hugely inflated salaries they are now on.Rather than an off the peg suit which used to suffice…some of the fucking cunts are getting tailor made suits ,paid for by unrepresented NZers.

Then there is Bill English….in his case any suit looks inappropriate…for the simple reason he is a rustic feral with appalling grammar.

It would be more appropriate if he was decked out in a cocked straw hat,while sucking on a corncob pipe…fitted out in a pair of britches with braces and shod with a pair of RedBand© gumboots splattered with cow shit….Shit being the operative word….

“Oi just come up ta wellingtin ta git me self sum new strides on da house”.

The MORON should be on the back benches at least…or preferably in jail for fiddling expenses….a criminal act in most functioning democracies.Papists like English ARE commonplace in South American countries….as corrupt as hell..then attending confession at the weekend to be absolved of their crimes…

If you get the chance king hit the sawn off little shit …see if you can nick his wallet…and donate the contents to the nearest food bank…..

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