“James Packer is not Jewish”

News reports about Packer are usually confined to his relationship with the Blobby Crooner-ette Mariah “funbags” Carie….

As usual there is a whole lot more about THE JEW Packer that is NOT reported.

A report in the Israeli newspaper stated Packer is NOT Jewish….it is a good demonstration of the old adage…”never believe what you read in the media”.

This specific mention of Packer “not being Jewish”….was probably designed for consumption outside the racist state.

There was the infamous case of Packer being involved in a brawl with his good mate…on the streets of Sydney.His good mate just happened to be a Jew who donated large amounts of money to Zionist causes.

Lets get one thing straight…the billionaire Packer IS a Jew…or more accurately a crypto Jew.

But there is more….turns out that Packer the Jew has close links with Bibulous Cretinyahoo the crime in progress leader of the criminal state…Israel….Not only that but this Monster-Jew© has close connections to Murder Inc…the MOSSAD!’..

Just keep in mind one thing…this organised bunch of international criminals is in the process of destroying Western countries via mass alien immigration combined with absolutely gigantic financial frauds…

Packers close links with Israel and their criminal underworld will NOT be reported in Australia….for example Murdoch owns many media outlets.THIS crypto Jew ALSO has links to Jew headquarters in Israel….Murdoch won’t report on his Jew mate…that’s for sure.

These Jew billionaires in Australia need to be exposed BEFORE they turn Australia into another crime ridden dump ruled over by grossly corrupt Jews….just like America today.

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