Separation of Church and state…

See Bro Nathaniel s latest video on YT.


Sounds like a good idea…after all religious crazies have killed a lot of people down through the centuries…in the name of god of course.

But what if separation of church and state was merely a stepping stone…a way to get rid of the influence of Christianity in Western countries.

Stand by for the giant Menorah to be set up on the grounds of Whitehouse this CHRISTMAS…

Incidently…a “giant cross” set up on the grounds of the Whitehouse would be FORBIDDEN…..

To mollify public opinion in America…a giant lit up Christmas tree is permitted..but just keep in mind that Christmas trees are NOT symbols of Christianity…in fact Christmas trees have pagan origins.

From the above you only require a couple of brain cells to see that the Jews who control America are in the process of supplanting Christianity with the religious cult known as Judaism….If Jews want to do this they have got their own country to do it in….it is time they were told to piss off…..only idiot pop stars would want to be involved in this stuff…in fact these moronic celebrities are used to promote it.

You could argue that Christianity was introduced to Japan…with firepower to back it up.

It is the 21st Century …imposing religious beliefs via power is no longer permissible….However,just for example,quite a few Westerners have become Buddhists and NONE of them have been obliged to via force…THAT is what freedom of religion is all about.

This giant Menorah on the grounds of the Whitehouse is a worrying sign for Americans.Since all recent presidents in America have been Jews…none of them are going to tell Jewish religious crazies to take their mumbo jumbo outta of the grounds of Swamp Headquarters.

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