Joel Osteen is worth 56,000,000 dollars and lives in a $10,000,000 house.

What’s his job exactly,you may well ask…..

Actually Osteen demonstrates JUST HOW STUPID AMERICANS ARE…

He is a Christian prosperity preacher..and he lives in Texas.

It is very possible he is,like Benjamin Hinn, actually a crypto jew.His wife however is not.

He plays the double game…by saying he does not approve of homosexuality while inviting fudgepackers to his church.Which tells people principles can be compromised…if necessary…as long as BRAIN DEAD AMERICANS KEEP SENDING IN DONATIONS….enabling Osteen to gold plate his bathroom taps.

Is it any wonder American get the government they deserve….utterly corrupt candidates for president…they will believe anything they are told…including a civil engineering proposal to drain Washington’s swamp.

Just look at Trump….or that pant suited harridan Clinton….then look at the wealth of Osteen supposedly preaching Christianity…then you KNOW how fucking corrupt America is…..AND HOW AMERICANS ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY….


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