“Hells Bells”…One of ACDC’s standards.

If you check the lyrics of this song…Satan is mentioned a number of times….and the question is why.

Then of course there is The Rolling Stones and their satanic stuff.

And quite a few other rock bands as well…You also get pop stars like Rhianna who include satanic imagery in their videos…

Why are these fuckers including this stuff in their music.You can imagine the criticism that would be heaped on them If they included Christian references and symbols.(unless of course it is to denigrate Christianity…like the crypto Jewess Madonna pretending to masturbate with a cross)

What right do these Satanists have to promote their sicko satanic shit on videos and tv…

Most of these top pop stars are Jews..like the lead singer of acdc…and possibly the lead guitarist.

The music industry is controlled by Jews..and that is most likely the answer as to why Satanism is being actively promoted by the business.After all you are dealing with young impressionable minds here.

Attacks or is it assaults on Western culture is across the board…How about the Jewess whose “art” was an award winning unmade bed.The award was of course given by a wealthy Jew…none of the public is aware of this of course.


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