Tim Roth your classic crypto Jew.

Tim Roth is one of those character actors made good.He escaped from ‘is workin’ class background…now ‘e lives in California.

In a recent Guardian interview Roth pretends he is not a Jew…then throws an interesting angle into it….by saying “me farver adopted the name Roth as a means to support Jews”…..It is stupid preposterous bullshit of course….Roth is himself a Jew,make no mistake about that….he was just lying his head off and promoting Jewish suffering stuff.

Somehow Jews are able to concoct stuff like this at the drop of a hat…there seems to be no inhibitions about lying their heads off.

He reckons is far more comfortable living in the U.S…..well since his ilk have fucked up Britain with mass alien immigration and turned the country into a full blown police state,just to keep a lid on the pressure cooker….that is hardly surprising…….just give it time and California is going the same way…..

So actually Roth is just another rich Jewish wanker purporting to be a socialist….like the Jew wankers in Britain…Geldof and Brand.

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