Bob Arum…boxing promoter…multimillionaire Jew…and lauded by the Jewish controlled media.

BUT….what is the REAL story about this hugely rich Jew.

For the REAL story you would have to approach retired black boxers in the U.S…..

They would have to be retired because if they were still boxing AND criticised this CROOKED JEW…that would be the end of their career.

The black Muslim preacher Farakhan…however has no restraints on his free speech….which is precisely why he is able to say ARUM STOLE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM BLACK BOXERS…many of whom ended up broke and eeking out an existence in poverty.

So Arum is ACTUALLY just another CROOKED JEW…like the financial Jews in Wall Street.

Of course you won’t hear a word of criticism about Arum in the media…the media is run by his fellow tribe members.You can be sure Arum has donated money to Israel….enabling the Jews to continue their racist persecution of Palestinians….

Put it like this …it was Jews like Arum in history which caused the sudden outbreaks of violence against Jews…eventually,sooner or later,the Jews robbed and pillaged the population to such an extent an anti jewish riot broke out.

Jews today like to cast these events…as though they had no cause…except intolerance….it’s like saying Palestinians are terrorists for objecting to having their houses blown up by Jews.


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