Jews galore show up at Royal Variety show in London

Well,more accurately,crypto Jews…there were loads of them.

The Windsors were photographed in a meet and greet session.

They were shown shaking hands with two well known Jews…Robbie Williams and Lady Gags….actually these two are well known but not for being Jews.

But they sure as hell are.

Of course by now,Poms have forgotten about the Windsors close association with ANOTHER Jew…Jimmy Saville….a Jew who travelled to Israel on a number of occasions and who destroyed the lives of many young people.Despite these well known facts,there are still comments in favour of the Windsor billionaires in the Daily Mail….it beggars belief!!.

There is ANOTHER explanation of course…the Jewish edited Daily Mail removes all the negative and accurate comments about these crypto Jews creating a false impression of widespread support for these imposters…..come to think of it,that is precisely what is happening here.

Meantime,in the REAL world,whole areas of Britain have been taken over by invaders from the third world,brought into the country by the crypto Jewish elite…..this situation is not sustainable and will result in the collapse of Britain…descending into chaos and ruin.

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