NZ Marrano to replace NZ Jew

Let’s be quite clear about this…the LAST thing NZ needs is a Marrano Catholic replacing Key….but it looks like that is what is going to happen.

Argentina is what you get when this happens….there is an additional factor….the probability that English is a FREEMASON.

NZ USED to be a protestant country…but now the Catholics and Jews have taken over….BOTH are ratbags and BOTH are responsible for the deaths of uncountable numbers of people.

Then there is the added problem that many of these “Catholics” are actually Marrano s….combine that with the stupidity of many Catholics who don’t realise their religion has been compromised…

Most of the high profile Catholics who make the news are actually crypto Jews…the sawn off midget Mel Gibson is a good example.It is NOT a coincidence that the top Nazis were predominantly “Catholics”… Joseph Goebbels with his ubermensch club foot.

NZers should note the recent death of Ray Columbus the midget zio-crooner.Although he was supposed to Be Catholic….he was in fact a MARRANO…most of the people showing up at his funeral were Jews….Including Max Cryer the giant fudgepacker…..As Winston Peters once said….”Max is renown  in the gay underworld for having wrecked countless gay butts…and his famous Vaseline© encounter with the zio-gay entertainer Peter Sinclair…..Let’s put it this way..Sinclair was not using the Vaseline® tub for the purpose it was designed for”.

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