“Two white middle aged men”…not quite.

This was a comment by a JEWISH  tv reporter concerning Jonathan Coleman PM candidate in NZ…..

By “white” you naturally assume “of the European race”….Let’s get one thing straight about Coleman….he is NOT a European….he is ANOTHER crypto Jew in parliament.

Not surprising really…MOST of the NZ cabinet is made up of this ethnic minority….so NZ is actually a bit like the former South Africa..minority rule.

Using the example of what happened when the Jews took over the USSR…down the track will come the police state and jailing of dissenters….and “mysterious” deaths.

You can be sure NZ is destined for ethnic “difficulties” as the Jews seek to form alliances against the European majority.

Flooding nz with foreign people’s is ANOTHER of their strategies…ALL the leading proponents of this are JEWS…..need it be said…in Israel it is Jews Only immigration.


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