Plain clothes cops show up…

This one is hard to figure out…I’m a law abiding citizens minding my own business and yet a squad of them show up….following me into various premises,like Subway for example.

What exactly is the problem here??!..I ain’t even a criminal!!.

Well it’s obvious really…although you are SUPPOSED to have free speech it turns out that exercising it can prove very costly….people who openly criticise Jews AND their global influence and POWER get problems…lots of them.

The former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was punished for speaking up….they ganged up on her causing her to lose her seat in Congress…thereby proving McKinney is on the level.Helen Thomas….after decades working in the media..spoke up and came under huge pressure.

You’ll notice how the Jews go about removing people that prove “difficult”….all of the action takes place in the background…suddenly their target is out of a job….that’s just how the Jews like it….a hatchet job carried out in secret.

What these copper criminals are hoping is I will react adversely to their harassment….it’s not going to happen…I’ve had YEARS of this shit,both in NZ and Britain…I am an experienced harassee….

You can just imagine the smears these police are cultivating AND people will believe them too.I would wager they have some criminal psychologist type cooking up quack theories as to my mental state….their latest trick is to put up You Tube videos on sociopaths etc…

Actually considering the shit I have had to deal with….it is no wonder I have got a Kalashnikov on order….the subway plain clothes cop would have been eating a lead breakfast if federal express were a bit quicker….but hold on  minute…they are just following orders from the likes of the Marrano banker FAY…….something to keep in mind if you are a fugitive from the ZOG.

I believe I have already experienced another of their strategies….get patriots in conflict with ethnic groups.

I am going to take shots of them on my cell phone in future…and put their pics up on this blog…..

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