The Prince Harry debacle…explained.

Assuming the Prince gets married to bandy-legs…don’t just assume that this stuff happened by chance.The Windsors are a cunning bunch of survivors…that’s why they are still around…while the French got rid of their burden years ago.

It is more likely that this relationship was arranged,just like they used to do years back.One group of Royals married off their daughter’s or sons to another lot….it was essentially a political arrangement.This example is a 21st Century version of it.

Such a union would strengthen ties with the USA…..also,although bandy is depicted as being of a multicultural background….the most important bit is the Jewish ancestry which,like Kate Middlestein is NEVER mentioned.

The multicultural bit can be emphasised by the media as a major selling point appealing to all the ethnicities that the Jewish elite has imported into Britain…”look at Prince Harry’s missus…he ain’t racist,look at ‘is wife”.

The Jews control Britain and the USA…and their respective banking systems and stock markets.

There have been previous examples of British royalty consorting with Americans….for example the weasel who resigned to take up with that American hermaphrodite Wallace Simpstein.(also a crypto Jew who purportedly packed a mini-pecker…Eddie was onto a winner with Mrs Simpson)

Apparently the word has gone out to the controlled media in Britain…”on no account mention Harry’s girlfriends jewish ancestry,nor her bandy legs”

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