Those who control the present control the its NZs turn.

The hidden Jewish oligarchy which now controls NZ….has decided to rewrite the past…..

Apparently they are changing the name of some remote geographical features…maybe 10% of NZers have ever heard of niggar hill or stream or something like that.

The average person would not care one little bit about this…nor would they care if the name was honky hill…for that matter….but nothing is too insignificant for the all seeing politically correct ideologues now installed in parliament…it is a growth industry for these ideological wankers…

They tried it on in the USA when they challenged the name of the Washington Redskins…but have not managed it….yet.Incidently the “Washington Whiteskins” would also be offensive to them….but for different reasons…it would suggest racial exclusivity,like that found in Israel.

It all gets very absurd….but absurdity has never been known to upset ideologically committed wankers….which in turn suggests political correctness has more in common with religious beliefs than you would think.

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