“Welcome to the age of anger”

The above is the headline of an article in the Guardian.

It is an extremely wordy article about why different populations are angry.

It is the type of article written by a completely out of touch liberal…

He mentions far rightists in Europe…of course…behaving in a irrational manner by getting angry.

Is this sort of comment rational….of course not….

Put it this way..the elites have been flooding Europe with millions of third world immigrants without ever consulting the native people…as they are SUPPOSED to do in a democracy…and when a referendum does not give the desired result…the winners are smeared to hell…

Is it any wonder that people get angry.In Germany for example peaceful villages are suddenly inundated with immigrants AGAINST THE WISHES OF ALL THE INHABITANTS OF THE VILLAGE….by order of the central government.

It is logical therefore that people get angry…but writers like this Guardian idiot says the people don’t have the right to be angry….the arrogance is breathtaking.

Would European countries be boiling with anger today if the governments had acted in accord with the public wishes on immigration…OF COURSE NOT.

This writer is either a complete loon or does not live in the real world…one thing is for sure he will live in comfortable surroundings and be on a good salary…

The great danger confronting Europe is…..should there be a revolution of sorts…people like Soros will attempt to arm the immigrants they brought into Europe…and then attempt to run any revolution…so they maintain control.

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