NZ proletariat in good spirits.

Kiwi wins world boxing title….but it is a bit of a con.David Tooooooooowa would’ve beaten the Mexican more decisively… it’s the luck of the draw…since had Parker been in the ring with Looooois…he would have lost as Toooerman did.

Still Kiwis who paid to watch the match on Tele may have had to put the kids on short rations to do it…

Keep in mind these spectacles take the proletariats mind off the fact that there is now a yawning gulf between rich and poor in NZ….The rich in question were dining at tables nearest the ring.

Essentially what we are seeing is the Americanisation of NZ….with the lumpen proletariat baying for blood..

Even Nancy boy Key..NZs PM was there…which is unbecoming of a leader.But precisely what you would expect of the type of rabble that characterises the NZ parliament today.

The WORST fate that could befall NZ is to end up like the USA….a rapacious and corrupt ruling elite with a vanishing small number from the underclass who manage to escape their poverty via sports or music….

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