Guardian worried about free speech

“Did the holocaust happen”…if you search this Google gives the wrong results….according to the Guardian.

These articles usually written by Jews,carefully avoid telling readers why people question holocaust claims.

Take zyklon b for example….this was the gas supposedly used to kill millions of Jews…trouble is it is a fumigation agent used to kill disease carrying lice.

Also it was delivered to camps that had none of these supposed gas chambers.

Like 9/11 all these anomalies with the official story soon have anyone with a questioning mind…disbelieving the official story.

So now the Jews who run the media attempt to associate disbelief of the holocaust story with “right wing extremism”….when in fact the vast majority of Muslims don’t believe a word of most of the claims by the Jews…mind you they don’t get bombarded with holocaust propaganda every day of the week.

The holocaust and 9/11 are two of the great lies of the 20th century….and like most lies they are eventually found out.The lies of the WMD in Iraq…fast tracked to the truth pretty quickly but only because of the internet.The internet is now making inroads on the official lies surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbour.

The elite is very concerned about their lies being uncovered by the net and they are trying to handle it in a number of ways….like stuff suggesting Russians are interfering with western elections or suggesting some sites are “working for the Russians”.

Both Liddl and Aldi the giant supermarket chains and Springer the German press agency are owned by Jews….OBVIOUSLY they (the original founders post WW2) were resistant to Zyklon B….that’s how they avoided being murdered by the Nazis…..OR…the HolocaustĀ© is not true BUT has enabled Jews in Israel to grab hundreds of billions of dollars from both America and Germany….

The Guardian is Jewish owned and edited……get the picture…

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