Marrano Bill shows up at boxing match

Marrano Bill is NZ’s cretinous new Prime Minister….he only got the job via a resignation….

Of course the NZ media will NOT be mentioning his theft of expenses money…in a properly functioning democracy the cunt would have been turned out of parliament.

Last night I had the Catholic gangsters firing off a stream of gunshots near my flat…this fact nicely sums up the type of rabble that now governs NZ.

Keep in mind these gangsters tried on attempted murder with a truck…AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT!!’…with the full knowledge of the police!’

Beside all this,is the fact that English is a moronic CRETIN…who should be no where near the reins of government…it’s more in keeping with the sort of thing that goes on in a corrupt third world country.

And the media…..NZs APPALLING MEDIA…?’…..they were all over the boxing match like a rash….it saved them of having to go to the trouble of producing a proper news bulletin…TOTALLY FUCKING PATHETIC.

TAke a close look at English when he next appears on TV….the Cheshire cat grin….the arrogance of a moronic thug in power….fully committed to flooding NZ with third world immigrants…after all his wife totally conforms to the objectives of the NWO….worst of all he is a TOTAL DICKHEAD .

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