Celebrating Aucklands melting pot with the Guardian

It’s sort of fascism really…giant corporations are funding the Guardian to write articles supporting the Global multiculturalism Jewish agenda.

The Guardian is owned by Jews and it’s editor is a Jew.

The Rockefella Corporation based in New York is Jewish owned as well.

The Guardian then hires a NZ journalist to write a propaganda piece about “glorious multiculturalism” in Auckland…yes…you may have guessed the journalist in question is a Jewess Hannah Spyksma.

Will Hannah the jewess be travelling to Tel Aviv …paid for by the Rockefella Corporation to celebrate this city’s “vibrant and diverse multiculturalism”…NO WAY…it is monoculturalism in Israel…JEWS ONLY.

So the Jewish wankers at the Guardian…are now getting Jewish corporations to fund their shortfall in income….to brainwash the goyim….it is a damn fucking cheek.

Keep in mind the disaster that befell Russia when the Jews took over in 1917…The horror lasted for decades…and Russia is only now beginning to recover.That “horror” is now going to be visited on the West…actually the process has already started….The organised invasion of western countries by the likes of the Jewish financial swindler Soros…The remarkable thing about him is,he has not been ¬†assassinated…..yet.

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