Ellen Degenerate…crypto Jew..infantilizing dumbed down Americans.

Americans are famous or infamous around the world for being stupid or dumbed down…and Jews like Degenerate greatly assist Americans becoming even dumber…

If you can stomach it…tune into Degenerates show ….watch how Degenerate crabs her way around the audience smiling inanely…sort of hunched over like one of the hundreds of bag ladies who are probably trawling through rubbish not too far away from the studio where the Jewish lesbian show is being recorded.This event is presided over by America’s modern day equivalent of the Lawn Jockey…a black disc jockey…

Just look at the audience members…cheering and whooping at despotic Ellen’s every utterance.FUCKING MORONS…like monkeys at a zoo who are hoping visitors  will throw them some peanuts…Degenerate Ellen may throw them a prize if they cheer and whoop loud enough…

What these moronic Americans cannot see is that,underlying all of this stuff is the contempt the weirdo jewess has for them…The concealed arrogance of the Jews toward other peoples.This arrogance is actually racism…for confirmation of this fact…consult a Palestinian….but don’t ask any of these cretinous dumbed down Americans to point out where Palestine is on the map.

The jewess Ellen….perhaps one percent of Americans would know she is actually Jewish…is…guess what….promoting “Hannukah”….with pictures of “devils pitchforks” all over the place.All of this is done in the name of tolerance..after all Hannukah is a festival of lites.Tell Palestinians about this and they would be laughing their heads off .

You can see what is actually taking place here…The Jews are gradually supplanting Christianity with Jewish mumbo jumbo….it is a slow process but it IS happening….Degenerates like Degenerate are active agents of anti Christian propaganda…in a subtle way.Luckily for the Jews….Americans are now so moronic and lacking in guile…they simply have not got a clue.

Obviously the “soap factory option” for Ellen Degenerate is out of the question..she is a very scrawny individual….however a boutique range of “Ellen luminous Lampshades” would be worthwhile…perfect for America’s new Christmas celebrations…Chanukah.


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