It was a certainty…sooner or later.

Britain’s ZOG has just banned a “far right” political group….The obvious question is….since when does a democracy ban political groups…AND when is the British government going to ban similar groups of the left.

Put it like this.First import millions of alien peoples into Britain….then introduce “terrorism laws” to control them….then deploy these new laws against the native inhabitants….easy.

The perfect recipe for an oppressive police state.

Make sure the internal secret police is ruled over by crypto Jews…something similar to the CHEKA and KGB in the Soviet Union.

Note:.The nickname of Oswald Mosely the leader of the fascists in Britain was “the sheikh”….drawn from his appearance….Semitic appearance,as it happens.

This new group of banned fascists will have the usual compliment of crypto Jews and MI5 agents…..The Jewish controlled media will be plugging the threat posed by these neo fascists…watch this space.They will be promoting the idea that only extremists object to Britain being over run by hordes of invaders….

The British secret police are already hugely active in the country their main objective appears to be thwarting the will of the MAJORITY of people in Britain…to stop the country from literally being over run by invaders.Which makes the secret police ….traitors.This is usually the case with the secret police in any country…they exist to protect the interests of the ruling elite AGAINST the common people.

Thomas Jefferson recognised all this stuff…which is why gun ownership is protected by law….In the good times gun ownership seems to be a silly idea….up until the elite stops representing and starts repressing.

In America today you can be jailed for just about anything with a hugely disproportionate sentence…now the ZOG media has stopped reporting about police state agents being gunned down…for obvious reasons…

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