Racist Jews…an example

Simon Halabi is a billionaire property scammer in London.

He is descended from Syran Jews…notice how his parents ended up in Britain rather than Israel.OBVIOUSLY they should never have been allowed entry to Britain….like Ludvig Hoch,better known as Robert Maxwell…these racist Jews always  end up committing crimes.

This fucking racist Halabi is in court (which is a surprise)…for calling a West Indian a “fucking black cunt”….because he blocked the Jew cunts driveway….The Jew told the West Indian “I own this street”…..this is typical of the bullying rich Jew in full flight,once the wraps come off the fake ever so ‘umble Jew Bull shit.

Most people reading the article will assume he is an Arab because of his surname and appearance.

He is currently engaged in a court battle with his Scandinavian ex wife.

Keep in mind that Syria is currently being destroyed by Israel in preparation for the invasion and occupation of that country in accordance with the Zionists strategy for greater Israel….you’ll read different about all this in the media…because the Jews own and operate the Western media.

You could describe Jews as an upmarket version of Ghengis Khans hordes who invaded the great Chinese civilisation…but a whole lot deadlier…The Mongols did not manage to bring about the collapse of Chinese civilisation….IF the invading hordes that are pouring into Western countries…assisted by Jews like Soros…then Western civilisation Collapse Mark2 is a certainty..The likes of Halabi will upstakes and move on to another country of the “goyim”…where the whole performance will be repeated.

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