Three top crypto Jews identified by David Duke as non Jews.

Bill Gates,The Koch Bros AND the easiest identifiable crypto Jew of the lot…Trump.

All of the above are crypto Jews…make no mistake about that….which begs the question….why? Does Duke say they are not Jews….this raises important questions about Dukes authenticity.

More than a few people have suggested Duke is a fake….

The fact that Trumps family is OBVIOUSLY Jewish and ALL his top executives are Jews AND he operates in New York top end real estate which is TOTALLY DOMINATED by Jews…tells any halfwit familiar with the subject,that Trump is a classic example of the crypto Jew.His wife (current) ALSO comes from a crypto Jewish family in Europe.

Paul Craig Roberts the renown columnist..also portrays Trump as the real deal…..Roberts MUST know of Trumps OBVIOUSLY Jewish background AND Trumps appointment of top Jews to influential positions….which gives new meaning to the saying ….”putting a Fox in charge of the henhouse”.

Incidentally…..Truman (who ordered the nuclear attack on two different Japanese cities using two different nuclear bombs) is described as being somewhat anti-Semitic.It’s total bullshit of course.Truman recognised the new state of Israel…following Stalin’s lead.

So….TRUMAN WAS,LIKE TRUMP,A CRYPTO JEW…and the mass murderer Stalin.


Currently NZers are being treated with more of the same nonsense.A crypto Jew by the name of Shearer has been appointed to head up a UN programme in Sudan….he was at one time based in Israel…working for the UN there…only he wasn’t really working for the UN interests…now was he….put your brain in gear and this fraud is easy to uncover.

It is easy to imagine that a UN run world government sometime in the future will be staffed entirely by Jews…sort of like today’s American government apparatus.(On Jewish religious holidays…in Washington D.C…..governmental offices are said to be largely empty of employees….a couple of brain cells are sufficient to work out why that may be!.)

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