He who controls the present etc.

They’re at it again in NZ correcting NZs past….straight out if 1984.

Primarily Jewish homosexuals in NZ are campaigning for their fudgepacking convictions to be wiped by the now Jewish controlled NZ govt….

Keep in mind that 80% of NZers were AGAINST the law change….this is the reality of the New World Order democracy….

Their were a few hiccups with their campaigning to have their fudgepacking convictions removed from the records…quite a number of them involved underage children.

The minister dealing with the homosexual Jewish activists…is……wait for it…..also a Jew!.

The Jewish controlled NZ MEDIA of course DOES NOT REFLECT THE MAJORITY OPINION IN NZ….The media in fact reflects the opinion of a hidden agenda….which the NZ public are not privileged to.

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