Russians have some catching up to do.

The Whitehouse slammed Russia today for its activity in Aleppo.

Well the Russians have yet to massacre a whole village like My Lai in Vietnam…oops that was Americans who carried out this war crime.

No photos of Syrian children running down a road….screaming after their village was bombed with napalm…by Americans (ZOG)

Americans need to be very careful about Trump…all that has really happened is Obama (half Jew) has been replaced by another Jew….who is currently deliberately antagonizing the Chinese.

Turns out the LOCK ‘er Up slogan employed during the election was not meant to be taken seriously….TELL THAT TO THE MORONS WHO WERE CHANTING IT.

NOW!….The photos of Clinton and Trump smiling together BEFORE the electioneering started…make perfect sense.The Jew Trump and the Jewess Clinton were good mates all along….they were taking American naive idiots for a fucking ride.

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