Trump does a photo call with a black rapper.

A number of commentators have stated that Trump is going to be an absolute disaster for America….he is after all a crypto Jew….he didn’t mention that at the election,because he knew this would lose him millions of votes.

You can regard all this stuff about Russia as just a big act…..The Jews in Israel are more interested in totally destroying Iran….and very likely there will be an underlying religious motive for this….

Trump may be looking at creating the “right” conditions for race conflict in the USA…..while purporting to do the opposite.

Okay….it looks like the Syrian govt has taken back control of Aleppo….BUT the Jews in Israel will be looking to keep this conflict going until the Arabs destroy Syria for them.If conflict dies down..some judicious arms supplies will be fed into the area to keep the fighting going…..Russia has a Jewish oligarchy which controls that country….just like the USA….In other words the Jews are running both sides…..not a new strategy by any means.

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