British Prison Riot…

The contract for guarding this prison is held by the multinational company GS4.

Now let’s have a look at the ethnicity of the CEO of this company…just for the hell of it…..Ashley Almanza.Yup this name crops up as a Sephardic Jewish name…phew that’s a surprise.

GS4 have been involved in controversy in Israel where the company operates…however they are said to be cancelling contracts there.

Britain’s prisons are overcrowded and the buildings are as old as Victorian era prisons.Cutbacks in funding and corrupt contracting out has led to this situation.Needless to say the executives of these private security companies have an “unhealthy” close relationship with key ministers in parliament….

But one of the single biggest contributors to the overcrowding is the invaders allowed into Britain by the likes of Blair Cameron and now,May..

Incredibly….many of these “refugees” have criminal records in their own country…BUT ARE ALLOWED INTO BRITAIN….sometimes they rape and murder British citizens…as long as the victims have no connection to the British elites families…no worries mate.

An insulated corrupt elite is one of the defining characteristics of a nation in decline….oh…also the borders of a nation not being secured against alien invaders….that’s another one.

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