Crypto Jew billionaire in London buys British justice.

Halibi…is actually a Jew from Syria…but most readers of the Daily Mail will assume he is an Arab.

He is supposed to be bankrupt…but he is driving a recent model Bentley…so he is as bankrupt as the children of Robert Maxwell…they often turn up in the pages of high society magazines like Vanity Fair…..

Who said Britain’s judicial system is not corrupt.If an average Pom had called an immigrant a “black cunt”…..he would be on the way to prison….make that an …overcrowded prison.

Sir Richard Burton one of Britain’s great explorers…who was said to be able to converse in over thirty different languages……

Burton never quite achieved the fame and position of his contemporaries…

He spent time in Damascus as a British political representative….but he became mired in controversy…he attempted to protect ordinary citizens against the powerful Jewish money lenders in Damascus….guess what…they contacted powerful Jews in London… can guess what happened.Burton wrote a book about Jews,one of which was The Jew,The Gypsy and Al Islam.However he went further than that and mentioned stuff about secret Jewish rituals etc…stuff the Jews like to keep under wraps.

According to the biographies about Burton…his wife,who was unusually,a Catholic,burnt all Burtons unpublished manuscripts when he died….You could speculate that Burton’s wife was a Marrano Catholic…..

Are there STILL crypto Jews in Syria today….after all the president is not from the majority Sunni Muslim population.

Is Yemen having the shit bombed out of it…today for reasons that may not seem obvious…Yemeni Jews were in quite large numbers in this country…Yemeni jewesses were well known for their colourful adornments and for their “cunt control when engaged in sexual congress” (according to Burton…although he used high IQ language to describe this behaviour,and not “cunt control”).

Bad luck for this hapless jungle bunny to be confronted by raw Jewish racism on the streets of London…what’s the bet he has received indirect “compensation” to shut him up.

Put it this way….Jewish billionaires are above the law……..too much influence,too much power…British justice can be bought and paid for…have no doubt on that….and the Jews have just introduced special new laws in Britain to make sure you don’t say anything about it.If you do….you’ll likely be going to spend time at Her Majestys Leisure….(The Windsors are crypto Jews).

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