Kiwi Christmas parades…they are a problem

They are a NZ tradition….but you should expect them to come under veiled attack by the Jews.This is the sort of thing that has happened in the USA.

So far the Jews don’t feel sufficiently confident to launch an attack on this kiwi tradition….

An “attack” would be something like a Jewish media figure saying Christmas is no longer relevant in NZs multicultural society…something along these lines.

While symbols of Christianity have been removed from any association with the Whitehouse…that is the cross…lo and behold,the Jews have put their own symbol in its place…a giant Menorah also commonly called “the Devils Pitchfork”.

In “new” countries like NZ,Australia,the US and Canada…Jews are able to do this because new countries do not really have a deep seated tradition of Christanity PLUS the Jews have flooded all these countries with millions of alien peoples from the third world..diluting traditions further.

Some commentators have remarked that Holocaust® propaganda movies are often released around the time of Christmas….not by chance either.

Also you’ll get dark movies like The Gremlins being released….that is evil themes being associated with Christmas…by a process of osmosis movie goers will begin to associate the two together.

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