Theresa May

Is Theresa May just another ZOP?.(Zionist operated politician)….in the mould of Blair and Cameron…


She has done PRECISELY NOTHING to halt the invaders arriving in Britain.On the contrary she has ordered the British navy to pick them up and give them a helping hand.

Her husband is definitely a Jew…and there is a good chance she is one of the gang as well.

Trudeau,the Canadian Prime Minister is DEFINITELY A MARRANO…so his actions in connection with third world immigrants makes perfect sense.

You get the impression May is a lightweight who has yet to be exposed as such..out of her depth.But betrayal of the British people is her byword.

The Pommie population has to get one thing straight…if they’re going to have an insurrection their first port of call MUST be the secret police HQ on the Thames…that is MI5….by now they will have files on MILLIONS of people in Britain…and that is not an overstatement.

The greatest threat to British freedoms lies in the bowels of MI5 …..keep in mind they MURDERED Dr David Kelly.

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