Bingo wings,dwarf tossing and bow legged frump…Daily Mail journalism

Does anyone know what Bingo Wings are.Daily Mail readers will tell you…they are well informed on the matter.The Daily Mail has regular articles on the subject.It’s all to do with the upper arm of older women…..which becomes more noticeable when they play Bingo.

Or how about Dwarf Tossing…which used to be popular with rugby players.Consult the Daily Mail about that one.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with Meagan Muckle…The Daily Mail has daily bulletins on the subject.She is a stringy part Jewish girlfriend of Air Miles Harry..AKA Prince Harry.She is constantly featured in the Daily Mail…if the photograph of her is full length she usually stands cross legged…hence her nickname Bandy-coot® …as in bandy legs..

Max Hastings the Mails history correspondent pops up about once a month…he is a Jew of course and he likes to give dire warnings about this that or the other.(meantime Britain is not being overrun by dreaded Germans but rather by third world invaders fleeing wars created by the Jews of London)

The all time favourites though are titillating articles about exotic sexual practices of various ethnic groups around the world.For example “Yemeni Jewesses Controlled their Cunts”…This was one of those click bait articles the Mail is renown for.The article had all the usual pseudo scientific clap-trap stuff..”identifying the genes responsible for  the Yemani Jewish womans ability to control their cunts” …(not their husbands)…then “identifying the same trait in Britain’s Jewish population…using Sarah Brightman as an example”.

There will come a time when few people bother to buy newspapers…which means large corporations will have to keep them afloat….where will that lead……You’ll get absurd things like..”Trump is part of a fascist revival in the West…..”…Yeah right…Trump is actually  a swivel-eyed Jewish twat.

OR..”Jeremy Corban is anti-Semitic”…actually,like the dysfunctional rabble,the Windsors,Corban is Semitic himself…

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