Michelle Obama unveils 2016 Whitehouse “holiday decorations….”

A bit confused as to what “holiday decorations” are??….this is the Jew World Order version of Christmas Decorations…

The Jews,who now completely control the United States do NOT want CHRISTmas mentioned at all.Instead they want to replace it with Jewish imagery.Like the atrocious giant Menorah stationed outside the Whitehouse (Devils Pitchfork)

And what about the ridiculous Obama’s?…Believe it or not they are Black Jews….like Whoopi Goldberg or Sammy “bung-eye” Davis Jr.Not that Americans would have the remotest idea that they are being conned….

You should look forward to “holiday” being increasingly substituted for Christmas…..IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT…The “they” being Jews…keep in mind JEWS TOTALLY CONTROL THE WESTS MEDIA…including,surprisingly GERMANY….surprising since the media tells everyone that “Ze nazis killed all Ze Jews in Germany in WW2”.

The War on Christmas is a conspiracy minus the theory.

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