Top Jewess croaks…”a great loss”

Zsa Zsa Gabor was the approximate equivalent of the Kardashians…worthless trash…

The Daily Mail has an extended article on the slag…well not extended exactly.THE SAME INFORMATION ABOUT HER IS REPEATED OVER AND OVER…a superb padding out.

The question you have to ask is…how can you write such a lengthy “article” without once mentioning her ethnicity??!.(top tip…The editor of the Mail is a crypto)

The jewess associated with a number of high society Turkish….now here’s the interesting bit…she said she lost her virginity to none other than Kemal Attaturk…..MORE proof,if you need it that Attaturk was a crypto Jew…as many people have stated.

Via the glamorous blonde Jewish tramp you can identify other crypto Jews..INCLUDING a rich upper crust German…(Adolf must’ve missed ‘im)

The high society schmoozer Joan Collinstein was one of her good buddies.Joan Collins is hideous of course…..absolutely hideous..but the Jewish talk show hosts luv the age defying scarecrow….actually she only looks to be defying senescence by applying huge globs of makeup on her dial….you would not be. at all surprised to find that Collins is involved in satanic trysts with the super perverted Jews at the top.

Hungary has A LOT OF CRYPTO JEWS…The gigantic synagogue is testament (old) to that fact (in Budapest….”mysteriously” it was not blown up by the Nazis ??!)…The most infamous Hungarian Jew is of course Soros…The inciter of conflict around the world.

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