” ‘e left ‘is papers in da cab of de truck”

It’s the old favourite…like the flame proof passport left around at the 9/11 site.

According to the Jewish owned and operated newspapers…The truck attacker in Berlin left his papers in the foot well of the truck.

This tells anyone with an adequate amount of brain cells that this “attack” is DEEPLY SUSPICIOUS….

Most likely it is the work of MOSSAD..The Jewish assassins….just like 9/11 in fact.

These Jewish pigs fitted up Libya in a somewhat similar way….years ago..but they were caught out on that one.

You can wait for the “free media” to report this in your “democracy”…but you’ll be waiting a long time.Jews own and operate the Wests media….and they will simply NOT EVER write the truth about these killers.

In other words the media is a Trojan Horse working against the best interests of which ever democratic country they do business in.

The treachery extends to reporting about the mass invasion currently happening in Europe.

The Daily Mail is particularly treacherous because it pretends to not be politically correct….

Obviously the editors of these treacherous rags should be on any patriots shopping list…

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