Freedom of expression vs the public good

Philosophers have been weighted down with such dilemmas for centuries.How do you preserve the right to free speech when confronted with issues that suggest controlling that right.

This diabolically tricky subject was recently brought to a head by none other than the Jewish flim flam huckster Benny Hinn.

Should Benny Hinn be allowed to frighten members of the public with his bizarre haircut….

No worries…The final solution to this problem is to invite Benny to preach to the employee’s of a soap factory.While he is touring the factory you have him pass along a walkway overlooking a boiling bubbling vat….and you “accidentally” give him a nudge into said vessel….The noise of the factory should cover any yells from Benny beseeching the Lord to rescue him from the fires of hell…..problem solved.

Has anyone noticed that Hinn often does not actually make sense…he actually talks gobbledygook…covered up by random quotes from the bible.

Only in America could a TOTAL ARSE like Hinn become a multimillionaire on the back of spinning ludicrous old testament mumbo jumbo to blindingly ignorant people.

It gets WORSE…The Jewish criminal has now shifted his attention to Brazil.The perfect hunting ground for this criminal with large numbers of poor barely educated people…..desperate people….just waiting to be conned.Hinn makes a practice of wearing a blindingly white tailor made suit…this is a completely calculated move on his part.The suit actually makes his MAD hairstyle standout even more!!.

It is worth repeating that Hinn does not actually speak sense…he seems to be incapable of speaking fluently….and it is not because his natural tongue is Hebrew…more likely his brain is stuffed…some have suggested that his over indulgence in cocaine use is the problem.

Whatever….a spin on an inquisition rack would soon sort the little cunt out and would have the benefit of making him somewhat taller.


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