Opposing Jewish power

If you want to oppose Jewish power which is currently destroying the identity of Western Countries via mass invasion of alien peoples…then obviously you don’t allow Jews to hijack the opposition…THEN RUN IT.

Take for example the website Thetruthseeker.co.uk

This website is run by a Jew and almost ALL the articles on it are written by Jews.

A regular is Israel Shamir…a Jew who purports to be a Christian.Like all the fakes he promotes the Jew TRUMP as the real deal…battling against advelrsaries like the CIA…it’s total disinformation and more Jewish bullshit….

Intact it has become one of the defining characteristics of this fake opposition…that is describing Trump as genuine opposition to Zionist occupied America…. GIVE ME A BREAK.


So if you see a website promoting Trump as America’s new saviour…you can assume it is being run by Jews…easy.

Up until America ever manages to install a NON JEW as president…then nothing is going to change…more Jewish instigated wars,gigantic financial frauds,billions of dollars of American taxpayers money being transferred to Israel…read stolen….you get the picture.

No sensible person would give an ounce of credibility to the Israeli Jew Shamir…unless you are completely stupid…..OR Gilad Atzmon…who recently used “logic” as you might find in the Talmud….to describe “anti-Semitism” as being anti language as opposed to anti race.Preposterous nonsense of course.

The most obvious crooked alternative media Jew…is the bagel bodied Alex Jones…who daily promotes himself as the leading candidate for soap production at Palmolive.


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