Promoting incest…it’s early days yet.

The promotion of gayism and fudgepacking did not happen overnight..rather it was a long drawn out process….The public had to be gradually conditioned to it.

The same sort of thing was predicted for promoting incest….that it is completely normal and does not harm anyone.

Emmerdale the British soap has just taken the first step…a relationship between a nephew and aunt….

Watch how the taboo against incest is gradually broken down.Should this be any wonder in a place like Britain where the monarchy had a close association with the most depraved man in history..The Jew Saville….(who made a few trips to Israel)

Give it another 20 years and Emmerdale will feature a marriage between close relatives…and call anyone who objects…”intolerant”.

Note.The incest taboo features in all societies around the world for obvious reasons.There are exceptions of course…in history.The best example being the later Egyptian kings…TOTALLY CORRUPTED by isolation from society via immense wealth and privilege.Some of  ’em ended up with weird shaped heads and bodies…never mind their brains being scrambled!!….(like one of the Queens close relatives who was totally gaga).

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