No mi5 in NZ

If you look at other countries in western countries…you usually get two sets of intelligence organisation.One deals with external matters…like MI6 or the CIA and the other deals with internal policing or intelligence…like MI5 or the FBI.

NZ appears to operate the SIS only…which is supposed to monitor external threats.

Of course NZ WILL have an MI5 equivalent only NZers are never informed about its activities…As you would expect in a fake democracy oligarchy.The oligarchy is predominantly composed of extremely rich Jews…like Delgat who got his son off an extremely serious charge of assault against a policewoman.

Why is the NZ media not investigating the existence of a secret police organisation…that has no accountability and oversight by elected representatives of NZers…

That is easy to answer.The NZ media are the biggest joke around..effectively they operate as a mouthpiece for government policy.Even tourists to NZ recognise that NZ TV “news” is a joke.

A few years back the Prime Time news bulletin led with an item about a large stack of tomato tins crashing to the ground in a supermarket.Like I said,the media in NZ is a joke….and like Britain Australia and the US…ALL THE LEADING POLITICAL REPORTERS ARE JEWS.

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