Cretinyahoo threatens Kiwis

It’s all to do with settlements and the “two state solution”‘…in Israel.

Obviously you don’t believe a word of’s all for public consumption in NZ…it’s one of Global Jewrys deceptions.Give it a year or so and another Israeli greaseball political attache will be back in NZ….and the cunts will still be using NZers passports and incriminating NZ in the process.

They’ll keep building “settlements” and Americans and Germans will still be paying for them AND in America itself 50million Americans will be still on the poverty line.

Obviously Western special forces should be sent on a mission to kidnap Benji the fuckwit and drop him off at Palmolives Head Quarters for processing…..have some striped PJ’s on standby.

Note:There is no intention whatsoever to have a two state solution….it is a delaying tactic….before the expulsion of all non Jews from Palestine….BUT that will have to be carried out while a major war is taking place…..they’re working on it…..

What’s the plan….maybe Turkey will occupy Northern Syria…including Allepo of course freshly destroyed and ripe for occupation “to keep the peace”.Following that Israel could move on the remainder of Syrian territory.Biological weapons would be handy to reduce Syria’s population…this could be passed off as a “natural event”.

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