Jewish multicultural..bad whites propaganda movies.

NZers have been treated to a couple of them already over Christmas (NOTE..Although it is the 12 days of Christmas..The Jews who control NZ TV are heavily promoting Chinese New year with one of their pseudo documentaries)

Right….there are LOADS of Jewish produced movies casting Europeans..who are called Whites by the Jews…as the bad guy,the intolerant racist …etc etc.

Here’s a couple of them.The Hundred Foot etc.This ones about a family of Indians who set up a restaurant in the South of France…The hateful “Whites”object…and set fire to the restaurant’… etc etc etc.OK….that’s the white racism out of the way…what about the multiculturalism promotion?.No worries…one of the Indians gets involved with a French girl etc etc.The film was directed by the same Jew who produced the the holocau$t propaganda movie Swindlers List.The main star is none other than the aging Jewish sexpot Helen Mirren.(It is possible the Indian actors were Indian Jews…there are many Jews in Bollywood).

Another Jewish movie served up for Kiwis is “Maos Dancer”….Yep this time another European woman forms a relationship with a Chinese dancer…etc etc.BONUS…she has blonde hair…Jews like depicting blonde women with ethnic males…but rarely the other way around.


Israel’s immigration rules are easy to follow…JEWS ONLY.

While Jews actively promote multiracialism in Western Countries…in their headquarters…Israel…they intern all refugees in special camps…then expel them to other countries.

These facts should alert even the most hard of thinking that Jews are actively promoting the destruction of European and cultural identity….sorry that includes Christianity.

In the film Shawshank redemption…The prison warden is depicted as a committed Christian…while the audience quickly realizes he is a corrupt monster.This is quite calculated and deliberate.

Maybe some of these racist Jewish film directors need to be attacked until they decide to quit making anti European racist films.



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