Daily Mail predicts Boy George to be the next “Butt Blow Out Casualty”

Fudgepacking and drug taking have proven to be a lethal combo for famous pop stars….

You would think a responsible media would use these pop star deaths to deter youngsters from copying them…No Way…it is partly due to the Jewish run media that drug taking is so widespread.

At least the Daily Mail did write about Boy George’s butt crapping out due to inappropriate use…The Mail stated that Boy George now has a cork stuck in his butt permanently.Like the Wham star Boy George is a former jailbird….He kidnapped a fellow bottomist…some bizarre behaviour like this.Note:He is often interviewed today in a respectful manner…..in reality the prick should be ridiculed…..you cannot take all this celebrity worship seriously.

Let’s hope 2017 is another champagne year for celebrities….

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