Turns out “cocaine George” is a crypto.

The recently died pop star and drug consumer George Michael is another crypto Jew in the media…as are most of his mates…perhaps with the exception of his fudgepacker mate…an Arab Muslim.

He is leaving all his money to the children of his Jew mates.According to the Mail who are renown for lying and making up stories…George has houses around the globe ….including Sydney which is famous for gayism out of control.Ditto Auckland which is why the crazed Jewish drug taking British entertainer..Barrymore showed up at one time.Homosexuals in Auckland routinely perform lewd acts on beaches in the area.The are a few seriously perverted homosexual MPs in the NZ Parliament….The media lets them off…just as the media was responsible for Saville remaining at large FOR YEARS.

If the media really reported Michael’s activities…most of the public would be horrified….The British media is very corrupt in more ways than one.

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