Now that Obama is gone…

Obama the fucking American jerk….was given a free ride by the US media…it was the dawn of a new age.The Jews had installed their new gofer as president…a black….so to criticise this incompetent idiot would have been racist.

Hardly any mention was made of the legions of homeless people all over the country.

“Most of them…’s their own fault”…it will be reported.OK then where were all these homeless people when America’s economy was being properly handled and not beset with corruption….NO….just some of them is it their own fault….The majority of them are where they are because…THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS COMPLETELY CORRUPT….THE INTERESTS OF THE 1% are put ahead of the best interests of the country.

Can you imagine the leader (Trump) of any other country in the world…proudly showing reporters his gold encrusted bathroom and GETTING AWAY WITH IT…without being shot down in the media.

It is well established now that Americans are the stupidest people in the world.Americans think this right wing fascist JEW TRUMP is going to make America great again….Yeah Right..just like the Jew Oaf locked up Hillary Clinton after being elected.

So now a license has been issued…The media can attack Trump,after all he is SUPPOSED to be a privileged white.So the media will start highlighting all the things that were present when Obama was in power.

Trump has purportedly received over 9000 anti-Semitic “tweets”…which is encouraging news…it shows that at least some Americans have worked out what is going on in their country which is now TOTALLY DOMINATED BY JEWS.

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